End of Watch

We honor and salute two of our own officers who gave their lives while in service to the City of La Porte. Both of their names are and will be eternally present on the walls of the National Police Officer Memorial in Washington, D.C.


Thomas G. Ciecka – Patrolman – E.O.W. Wednesday, Sept. 5, 1962

Cause: Struck by a vehicle while on duty on Oct. 16, 1961. Died in 1962 of complications associated with injury.
National Memorial Wall Location: Panel 9-E:29


Richard J. Lawrence – Sergeant – E.O.W. Friday, Sept. 9, 1988

Cause: Heart attack during a domestic disturbance call
National Memorial Wall Location: Panel 48-E:15



Rest in eternal peace, brothers. We carry on in your memory.