Sworn Officers Selection Steps

Review of Application

Your application, when received, will be reviewed by a Merit Commission member to determine if you have filled out the forms properly and also checked to make sure all required information is with your application.

Your application will then be reviewed by all three Merit Commission members in an executive session at a regularly scheduled Merit Commission meeting. At such time as a vacancy occurs in the Police Department and Merit Commission the City Board of Public Works to fill a vacancy, the Merit Commission will review all applications.


The Merit Commission will select several applicants to appear before them for a personal interview.  If selected for an interview, you will be contacted to set up an appointment for this interview. 

Police Officer Selection Test

After the interview, if you are selected to continue the selection process, will be contacted to report to the La Porte Police Department to take the Police Officer Selection Test. This test takes approximately two hours to complete. At that time, you will also receive information on obtaining a current credit report.

The Police Officer Selection Test will be graded and you will be contacted by letter and advised if you passed or failed.

Agility Test

If you pass the Police Officer Selection Test, you will be among several applicants selected to perform the agility test. This test consists of four categories: muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance, and musculoskeletal flexibility. 

Information regarding the agility test is enclosed and you will be notified as to the date, time, and location of the agility test.

Final Steps
  • If you pass the agility test, you will then be requested a CVSA truth verification test.
  • If you pass the CVSA, a background investigation will be conducted.
  • If you pass the background investigation, you are supplied with further information by the La Porte Police Department's Pension Secretary and the Public Employees Retirement Fund.
Failing a Phase

If you fail any phase of the hiring process, there is a six-month waiting period before you can be re-tested. You do not need to contact the La Porte Police Department for any reason other than to update your application every 90 days.