La Porte History and Vision of the Future

In the 1670s, French explorers came to the area that was to later become La Porte County, from the north along the shores of Lake Michigan. This area had long been part of the Pottawatomie Nation which covered the distance from the Wabash River on the south to Lake Michigan on the north.

The French explorers and fur traders that passed this way as well as the many settlers that came after they made use of a wide Indian trail that passed through the forest to the next prairie. This opening from forest to prairie was a legendary kind of passageway or door for these early pioneers and the French called this place "La Porte" which is French for "the Door."

La Porte Vision - The Walkable City of the Future

La Porte, surrounded by lakes and walkable historic downtown, is the best-kept secret in Indiana. The City of La Porte is a community dedicated to outdoor recreation while fostering a vibrant downtown for businesses and remote workers. La Porte is the walkable city of the future. La Porte’s master plan includes connecting Downtown, NewPorte Landing, and all neighborhoods to a beautiful trail system that traverses lakes and parks. The vision for La Porte’s healthy recreation initiatives, innovative business development, and year-round, bucket-list events continue to grow for the benefit of our growing community and visitors.