Standing Committees

The committee assignments of the members of the City Council of La Porte.

Committee Members
Airport Authority Laura Konieczny
Alcohol everage Review Commission Tim Franke
Bid District Julie West
Roger Galloway
Code Enforcement Lauren Huffman
Finance: Sub Committee Laura Konieczny
Drew Buchanan
Tim Franke
Fire Merit Bd. Julie West
Historic Preservation Bd. Drew Buchanan
Mayors Veterans Comm. Roger Galloway
NewPorte Landing Corp. Karyl Feikes
Park and Recreation Liaison Karyl Feikes
Plan/Zoning Boards Drew Buchanan
Julie West
Police Merit Bd. Roger Galloway
Tim Franke
Public Improvements/Code Enforcement
Lauren Huffman
Redevelopment Commission Liaison Tim Franke
Sewer/Water Karyl Feikes
Roger Galloway
Lauren Huffman
Streets and Alleys
Street Lighting
Lauren Huffman
Roger Galloway
School Board Liaison Drew Buchanan
Sustainability Commission Lauren Huffman
Traffic Commission Karyl Feikes
Lauren Huffman
Laura Konieczny
Urban Enterprise Zone Julie West