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City of La Porte Police warn against bridge jumping

La PORTE, IN (June 16, 2021) - The City of La Porte police will be cracking down on bridge jumpers this summer, according to Chief Paul Brettin.

Brettin said his department has received numerous complaints of teenagers and young adults jumping off the Waverly Road bridge into the channel connecting Stone and Pine lakes. There have also been reports of individuals grabbing onto passing boats. Brettin said this activity is both dangerous and illegal.

"Not only is this activity extremely unsafe, but it also violates our city ordinance," Brettin said. "During the summer, that channel is a high-traffic area for boats, making jumping or even swimming there very dangerous. We want everyone to have a fun summer, but we will be out to enforce this law to make sure everyone remains safe."

Brettin said his department will be working closely with the LaPorte County Sherriff's Office as well as the DNR to catch violators. If caught, a minimum fine of $50 will be issued.

Residents who spot jumpers are encouraged to contact the City of La Porte Police Department at 219-362-9446.