Water Meter Maintenance

The City of LaPorte Water Division has a schedule to check your Water Meter periodically to ensure that it is working correctly and to repair or replace it if necessary.  Your Water Meter will not cheat you – meters in need of repair will under-register, rather than over-register, your water usage.  However, if you feel strongly that your meter is not working properly, you may request that your Water Meter be tested.  If the test results show that the meter is not working correctly, you will not be charged for the test.  To schedule a test, call us at 219-362-3175.

Meter Change-Out Program

In 2018 The City of LaPorte Water Division conducted a service-wide meter change-out program.  All residential and most commercial/industrial meters were replaced with all new state of the art Water Meters.  These meters are designed to accurately measure your water usage for 20 years.  Occasionally, a meter will malfunction.  If this happens, the Water Division is sent an alert from the Radio Transmitter.  Should we receive this alert, we will contact you to make the repair or replacement.