Cross Connection Metering Backflow Prevention

Cross Connection and Backflow Prevention Program

The purpose of the City of LaPorte Water Division Cross-Connection Control Program is to protect the public water supply. The State of Indiana requires that public water systems implement, monitor and enforce a cross-connection control program (Title 327 IAC 8 Rule 10).

All backflow and cross-connection control devices must comply with the above-mentioned regulations in regard to installation and testing requirements. Approved devices shall be those listed as approved by the Foundation for Cross-Connection Control and Hydraulic Research of the University of Southern California.


What is a cross-connection?

A cross-connection is a permanent or temporary piping arrangement, which can allow your drinking water to be contaminated if a backflow or backsiphonage condition occurs.


What is backflow?

It's just what it sounds like: the water is flowing in the opposite direction from its normal flow. With the direction of flow reversed, due to a change in pressures, backflow can allow contaminants to enter our drinking water system through cross-connections.


What harm could that cause?

Plenty. When water is delivered to our customers, especially industrial and commercial customers, it is exposed to many different types of fixtures.  Some of these may be boilers, photo processing equipment, chemical mixing tanks, chillers, water towers, pressure pumps, healthcare and laboratory equipment, etc. Connections between the potable water system and potential sources of pollution, or contamination, are called "cross connections".  When backflow occurs through a cross connection, there is a chance that contaminants can be drawn into the public water system.


Domestic Water Services

City of LaPorte Water Division requires a Backflow Prevention Device be installed on all commercial domestic water service lines. This device must be installed downstream of the water meter and upstream of any branch lines or plumbing. It is highly recommended that a “Y” strainer be installed before the device.


Automatic Fire Sprinkler System

City of LaPorte Water Division requires that all fire sprinkler systems have a Double Check Valve Assembly installed upstream of the fire riser and Siamese (fire department) connection. If a chemical is used for winterizing or for fire suppression, a Reduced Pressure Principle Backflow Preventer (RP) must be used.


Where do I send my test results?

Completed test reports for properties located in the service area of The City of LaPorte Water Division need to be submitted to: 

City of LaPorte Water Division

Attn: Matt Nelson

1119 Lake Street

LaPorte, IN 46350