About Your Meter

Your Water Meter, owned and maintained by the City of LaPorte Water Division, is a highly accurate and dependable smart water measuring device.  It registers all the water being used in your home or business.  Most Meters are located inside the building, while some are located in Meter Pits outside of the building.  All Meters are connected to a Radio Transmitter outside of the building or on the top of the Meter Pit.  Please be sure that the Radio Transmitter or the Meter Pit is free of debris or dirt.

The meter is read on the 15th (or closest business day) of each month by the Water Division.  The readings are obtained through a private closed cellular system that is connected to the Radio Transmitters.


How to Read Your Meter

Like reading the odometer on your car, you read your Water Meter by recording all numbers from left to right, including any zeros to the right. 

  • Write down the reading.
  • In a few days, check again, and subtract the first reading from this new reading to determine your consumption during this time period.


How Your Meter Reading is Billed

Most residential and small business:

5/8” Meter – Single Gallons

3/4" Meter – Single Gallons

   1” Meter – Single Gallons

Larger Commercial and Industrial:

1 ½” Meter – Ten Gallons

   2” Meter – Ten Gallons

   3” Meter – Ten Gallons

   4” Meter – Hundred Gallons

   6” Meter – Hundred Gallons

   8” Meter – Hundred Gallons

Leak Indicator

Your Smart Meter is designed to indicate to the Water Division when you may have a leak.  When this happens, we will contact you by leaving a yellow card on your door informing you of the alert we received.  A leak could be, but not limited to the following: running toilet, water softener, outside spigot, broken pipe, leaking faucet, etc.


If you have any questions regarding your meter or your meter reading, please contact us at 219-362-3175.