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Iconic 90s alternative rock band Everclear to headline La Porte LakeFest

La PORTE, IN (Apr. 20, 2023) – The City of La Porte revealed today that the iconic ’90s alt-rock band Everclear will be headlining this summer’s LakeFest, according to Park Superintendent and LakeFest Planning Chair Mark Schreiber. 

The “Santa Monica” and “Father of Mine” performers will play a free live show on Saturday, July 29, at the Dennis F. Smith Amphitheater in Fox Park. The act will be preceded with opening performances by James Neary and Midwest Hype, as well as a fireworks show over Clear Lake. Schreiber said bringing talent of this caliber takes this year’s festival to a whole new level.

“We were excited at the prospect of bringing in an amazing original artist to LakeFest, but working with a paramount act like Everclear has been a huge thrill for our team and a tough secret to keep,” Schreiber said. “Never before has the Dennis F. Smith Amphitheater welcomed a group with so many internationally known hits, so we expect a jam-packed crowd for what’s sure to be an incredible show.” 

While there isn’t a bad seat in the park, Schreiber said a limited number of Premium Stage Front Passes will be available for sale for those individuals looking to get a little closer to the band. Passes will go on sale Monday, May 1 at laportelakefest.com. 

For more information on this concert and other LakeFest attractions, visit laportelakefest.com. 



Running July 28-30, LakeFest boasts three days of music, art, food and fun for the whole family on La Porte's Pine, Stone and Clear lakes. Learn more at www.laportelakefest.com. 


Art Alexakis – Vocals, Guitar
Davey French – Guitar
Freddy Herrera – Bass
Brian Nolan – Drums

Considering Everclear has written and recorded some truly iconic ’90s alt-rock hits, it would be all too easy these days for the band to be a victim of its past successes, relegated to performing as a glorified jukebox, existing to satisfy the nostalgic cravings of Gen Xers everywhere. But singer-guitarist Art Alexakis isn’t about to start phoning it in now.

Everclear continues to tour extensively, and while it’s a virtual surety that no Everclear gig is complete without a rendition of “Santa Monica” and “Father of Mine,” lately the band has found that exploring the full range of past material—especially the “deep cuts”—not only gives fans a rare treat, it also injects new life into the band’s live dynamic.

“By mixing it up and digging into the catalogue, it still makes it fun and relevant for us, and I think for the fans as well,” says Alexakis. “It’s still important to play the hits, but by playing those other songs as well, it makes it all seem more vibrant and real. Even though I recorded some of those songs 20 years ago, I haven’t played them in a long time, so it’s like reinventing the wheel. I’m having more fun now than I have in years. I think all of us are.”

Formed by Alexakis in 1991 in Portland, Oregon, Everclear has enjoyed a lengthy career spanning 11 studio releases, numerous videos, thousands of shows and accolades that include a 1998 Grammy nomination. Like a true survivor, Alexakis has soldiered on through multiple lineup changes over the years: During the “classic” era, the band also included Craig Montoya on Bass and Greg Eklund on drums; the current touring lineup features longtime members Davey French (guitar) and Freddy Herrera (bass), as well as drummer Brian Nolan (also with American Hi-Fi), who has performed with Everclear on multiple past tours.