Fire Department


809 W. 18th St.
La Porte, IN 46350

Link: 2021 Shift Calendar

La Porte Fire Department consists of three shifts. Each shift is headed by a battalion chief and three captains.

The department maintains a staff of three fire inspectors and three mechanics, as well as a training officer.

Name Title Email Phone
Snyder, Andrew Chief 219-362-3456
Burke, Kelly Assistant Chief 219-362-3456
Kanney, Zachary Training Chief 219-362-3456

Shift A 

La Porte, IN 46350

Name Title Email Phone
Balanow, Ryan Firefighter/EMT    
Bowen, Jesse Firefighter/EMT    
Fisher, Max Firefighter    
Garner, Brian Captain    
Kelly, Jeremy Firefighter/EMT    
Lott, William Captain    
Luscomb, Steve Battalion Chief    
Oake, Russell Mechanic    
Post, Adam Firefighter/EMT    
Poulos, Elija Firefighter/EMT    
Pressler, AC Captain    
Schuster, Matthew Inspector    
Schuyler, Patrick Firefighter/EMT    
Sheldon, Randy Firefighter/EMT    

Shift B 

La Porte, IN 46350

Name Title Email Phone
Boardman, Michael Firefighter/EMT    
Devereaux, Derek Firefighter/EMT    
Doig, Samuel Firefighter    
Gibertini, Anthony Firefighter/Paramedic    
Jedrysek, Erik Inspector    
Klimczak, Steve Captain    
Long, Tyler Firefighter/EMT    
Roberts, Bruce Mechanic    
Sabie, Robert Battalion Chief    
Salyer, Chad Firefighter/EMT    
Slater, Brett Firefighter/EMT    
Wegiel, Keith Firefighter/EMT    
Wilson, Scott Captain    
Wisnieski, Carl Captain    

Shift C 

La Porte, IN 46350

Name Title Email Phone
Biernaki, Doug Captain    
Bladecki, Ryan Firefighter/EMT    
Cooney, Jacob Firefighter/EMT    
Gray, Brian Mechanic    
Kazmierczak, Jacob Firefighter/EMT    
Lusco, Tom Firefighter/EMT    
Meyers, Joshua Firefighter/EMT    
Mulcrone, Michael Firefighter/Paramedic    
Ring, Anthony Firefighter/EMT    
Robowski, Chase Battalion Chief    
Sabie, Erik Captain    
Seymour, Wayne Inspector    
Smith, Eugene Captain    
Wineland, Edward Firefighter/EMT