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RTS totes to be picked up this coming month

La PORTE, IN (Aug. 29, 2023) – Residents with RTS trash totes will finally be rid of them by the end of next month, according to Mayor Tom Dermody.

On Saturday, Sept. 23, the City, along with third-party contractor LakeShore Recycling, will collect the totes from residents throughout the city. Dermody said this retrieval is long overdue. 

“Since the day our administration took office, RTS has been nothing short of impossible to do business with,” Dermody said. “We’ve tried for months to contact them and work out a plan to retrieve their totes without any success and are now taking matters into our own hands. We’re grateful to LakeShore for assisting us through this ridiculous situation and apologize to our residents who have been inconvenienced by this negligent vendor. I am certain that as a result of this process, our residents now understand why the transition to WM was so necessary.” 

In order for pick-up to occur on Sept. 23, Dermody said totes need to be: 

• Moved to the curb (not in garages or on personal property);

• Completely emptied of any trash or belongings; and 

• Placed out for pick-up no later than 6 a.m. on the morning of retrieval. 

In order to aid LakeShore staff in this process, Dermody said residents with totes are encouraged to email their address to utilitybilling@cityoflaportein.gov.