Engineering & Building

City of La Porte now has a NEW service website. If you are looking to apply for a Permit or Register as a Contractor please visit the Engineering and Building page here at this website:

The Building Department is responsible for the issuance of building permits and performing required inspections of construction projects within the city limits of La Porte.

Our purpose is to enforce the standards set forth by the Indiana Building and Fire Codes and local ordinances that provide minimum requirements to safeguard the public's safety, health, and general welfare.

For a link to the codes, standards, and other rules set forth by the state of Indiana, click here.

  • Complete designs of small projects, including plans and specifications
  • Complete inspections of building projects
  • Coordinate major projects with citizens, staff, and architects/engineers
  • Monitor flood plain compliance
  • Review data and evaluate citizen projects for code/zoning compliance
  • Review data and issue building permits
  • Assess trees and field trimming and removal requests
​Flood Plain

You can find the map for proposed flood plain changes here

On the map, the light blue line represents the current floodplain limits and the magenta line represents the proposed new floodplain limits.  Regarding structures, we denoted structures that would be removed from the floodplain with yellow dots, and structures that appear to remain in the floodplain are denoted with red dots.

La Porte Trax - Railroad Cross Grade Separation Project


Engineering and Building Staff
Name Title Email Phone
Novak, Jamie Assistant Project Manager 219-362-2327
Minich, Nick City Engineer 219-362-2327
Mrozinske, Floyd Building Inspector 219-362-2327
Owens, Nick Engineering Coordinator 219-362-2327
  ADA Coordinator