Community Development and Planning

Community Development and Planning is responsible for planning, property development, and land use-related issues in the City of La Porte. The Department performs a variety of services intended to protect and maintain sustainable neighborhoods, guide property owners on zoning and development issues, and develop strategies to ensure the future viability of attractive residential and commercial areas within an economically healthy community.

Our Vision

La Porte, surrounded by lakes and walkable historic downtown, is the best-kept secret in Indiana. The City of La Porte is a community dedicated to outdoor recreation while fostering a vibrant downtown for businesses and remote workers. La Porte is the walkable city of the future. La Porte’s master plan includes connecting Downtown, Newporte Landing, and all neighborhoods to a beautiful trail system that traverses lakes and parks. The vision for La Porte’s healthy recreation initiatives, innovative business development, and year-round, bucket-list events continue to grow for the benefit of our growing community and visitors.

Update: The City of La Porte is now a Quiet Zone Community!

City of La Porte Quiet Zone Community Fact Sheet PDF
City of La Porte Quiet Zone Community Railroad Crossing Map PDF
You can submit a complaint to FRA if you hear train horns at the following link: FRA Complaint Form

Update: The City has transitioned to an online permitting system at the following link: 
Online Permitting System

Notice of Public Hearing


Community Survey


Annual Reports and Statistics
Public Offering of Real Estate
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Incentives & Grants


Current Planning & Ordinances

City of La Porte Zoning Information

Downtown Development Zoning District

NewPorte Landing South Overlay Zoning District

City of La Porte Site Review Committee

City of La Porte Alcohol Beverage Review Commission

Long Range Planning
Pedestrian & Bicycle Planning

Tips for Drivers of Motor Vehicles

Tips for People Riding Bicycles

 1. Change lanes to pass, be patient, wait until it's safe to pass
(Give at least 3 feet when overtaking a person riding a bicycle)

 1. Obey all traffic laws
(People riding bicycles fair best when they act and
are treated as drivers of motor vehicles)

 2. Always watch for people riding bicycles,
treat them with the same respect as you would like to be treated

 2. Be predictable and ride with the flow of traffic towards the right side of the lane (Ride in the straightmost path to your destination and signal all turns/stopping)

 3. People riding bicycles are considered motor vehicles and
must obey the same rules as drivers of motor vehicles
(always assume a bicyclist is going straight unless they signal)

 3. Be aware of your surroundings
(Always look behind you before you signal a turn and
check for oncoming traffic in all directions of travel)

 4. Keep it green and clean
(Don't litter because it causes hazards for people riding bicycles and it's illegal)

 4. Always remember to wear a helmet each and
every time you riding a bicycle
(you never know what can happen on any given day)

 5. Be cautious and courteous when crossing a multi-use trail
(yield to all trail users when turning across the trail)

 5. Share the Road!
(Two abreast is the limit, Ride single file if the street is narrow)

 6. Remember to use lights when driving at night
and pay special attention people riding bicycles at night

 6. Use lights when riding a bicycle at night and
avoid wearing clothes that appear dark ("See and Be Seen")

 7. Don't honk
(this may startle the person riding a bicycle and cause a crash)

 7. Use safe speeds when riding a bicycle on the trails
(Trails are for all non-motorized transportation and recreation users)


Community Programs
  • La Stitch Community Space

La Stitch is located at the corner of Lincolnway and Monroe in Downtown La Porte. La Stitch is decorated with string lights hung from one side of the street to the other, was created to provide a new and unique place to host City events and bring the community together. 

The meaning of the name “La Stitch” is two-fold. A “stitch” is a city planning term used to designate a central street or common area within a community. The name is also reflective of our goal for this space, which is to “stitch” our community together through food, music, and conversation

  • Jackson Street Community Garden

Created in partnership with the City of La Porte, the Jackson Street Community Garden is committed to growing food communally and to giving back to our neighbors.

Name Title Email Phone
Craig Phillips, AICP
Director of Community Development & Planning
Mary Ann Richards
CDBG Program Manager
David Heinold, AICP
Assistant City Planner/
ADA Coordinator