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Crime or Drug Information Submission Form


  1. 1. Introduction
  2. 2. Background Information
  3. 3. Suspect Information
  4. 4. Contact Information
  • Introduction

    1. This is an anonymous tip form that can be used by the public for any information relating to crimes and any other activity or information that the La Porte City Police Department should be aware of.

      Please fill in all the blanks that you can and feel comfortable. All and any information given will be helpful. Examples of information that should be given, depending on the nature of the tip, include:

      • Descriptions of the suspects, vehicles, and residences
      • Identities of the suspect(s), if known
      • Identities of the landlord(s); if it is a rental property
      • Indications of time frame and day(s) of the week that the activity is/was

      Other pertinent information that is very important to report includes:
      • Whether or not there are children in the residence
      • Whether or not you have observed a hand-to-hand transaction; if the suspected activity is drug dealing
      • Whether the suspects possess firearms