Violation Types and Procedures

In accordance with City of La Porte Municipal Code, "all exterior property and premises shall be maintained in a clean, safe and sanitary condition." 

Some common violations include:

  • Rubbish/Trash
  • Grass/Weeds
  • Furniture/Appliances
  • Yard Waste/Tree Limbs
  • Auto Parts
  • Garbage Containers
  • Sidewalk/Fences
  • Zoning Violations
  • Building Code Violations
  • Tree Lawn Violations

In most cases, property owners have 10 days to correct these issues and be in compliance. Failure to comply will result in the matter being ordered before the Administrative Law Judge and may include a Civil Penalty of up to $1000. 

If you have questions about these violations or procedures, contact our Department of Code Enforcement office at 219-362-2327.