Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

The City of La Porte encourages the use of electric vehicles to reduce local air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. When charged in off-peak hours, electric vehicles result in fewer greenhouse gas emissions than gasoline-powered vehicles.

The City has 4 all-electric fleet vehicles. In August of 2016, the City of La Porte had 4 public electric vehicle (EV) charging stations installed through a Federal and State grant to promote EV infrastructure.

Electric Vehicle Station at Plaza view 2
The charging stations are located:
1) At the back of Plaza 618, accessed from the alley off Monroe Street just south of Lincolnway.
2) At Kesling Park, on the north side of the red barn in the parking lot off 18th street at Hillcrest
3) At the Water Department, In the 1100 block of Lake Street, just west of Tyler.
4) At the Civic Auditorium, on the south side of the west parking lot, next to the garage

We are happy to encourage the use of these stations in our community, but we also want to encourage EV users to vacate the spot when their vehicle is done charging, so that other EV users may plug in. Charging your vehicle at these stations is currently FREE, use of the stations are controlled through the ChargePoint network.

EV Charging Station Etiquette

To ensure equitable use of limited spaces, we ask you to observe EV Charging Station Etiquette:
  • Space reserved for EV charging only, limited to 4 hours
  • When done, please plug the charger into the station, and move your vehicle so other EV users can plug in

Using the Stations

The equipment and software are managed by ChargePoint. The 6 parking spots are designated for EV users only. In order to use the stations (which are dual 240/120 volt stations), you will need to access the ChargePoint network

Download the Chargepoint App:
ChargePoint has a phone app that allows you to find stations located near you, reserve a station, and activate the port. Go to the App store on your phone and type ChargePoint to get their free app. 
Get a ChargePoint user card:
Go to ChargePoint.com to apply for their user card. Users get notified via text message when your vehicle is done  charging, or when the power has been disconnected. 
To access charging station without a ChargePoint card:
Call ChargePoint to get access - you must be parked at one of the stations (the phone number is listed on the electronic scrolling screen for each station). ChargePoint staff activate the station. You should hear a click, which means you can now remove plug from the holster, and plug the charging cord into your EV.