Contractor Registration

All contractors and sub-contractors must be registered with the City of La Porte to do work with the city limits. The requirements for new registration and renewing a registration are:
  • A completed registration application
  • A check or cash in the amount of $100.00 (initial fee) $75.00 (renewal fee) payable to the City of La Porte
  • A certificate of liability insurance with worker's compensation. The certificate holder should be the City of La Porte
  • A $15,000.00 bond payable to the City of La Porte

Information containing the insurance amounts can be found here in section 10-36 of the municipal codes. Please note that both the certificate of insurance and bond must be the originals. The City of La Porte will not accept faxes, copies, or emails.

As of December 1, 2014 contractor registrations fees are being accepted for 2015.