Sworn Officers

  • Ability to stay busy while working, but not be overwhelmed, which allows officers to develop their policing skills quickly.
  • Flexibility that allows patrol officers the time to do some of their own investigations rather than turning everything over to the Detective Bureau to investigate.
  • Labor contract between Fraternal Order of Police La Porte Lodge #54 and the City of La Porte establishes working conditions and benefits in writing.
  • Officers receive a take home squad car after successfully completing Field Training.
  • Officers work fixed eight hour shifts with shift choice based on seniority after completion of Field Training. The schedule for patrol officers is four days working followed by two days off.
  • Opportunity to work for a medium sized department that offers chances for advancement and also to become involved in specialized fields such as Bike Patrol, the Emergency Response Team and the Detective Bureau.
  • Promotions are based on a combination of exam scores, performance evaluations and seniority rather than political appointment as some departments do.
  • Serving a community that offers a lot of positive aspects in terms of economic growth, general atmosphere and working environment.
  • Weapons, uniform and basic equipment are furnished when officer is hired. Officer is responsible for purchasing replacement uniforms as needed. Both Class A and Class B or battle dress (BDU) style uniforms and the use of nylon leather gear is authorized.
  • Good fringe benefits package which includes:
  • 14 vacation days after one year of service increasing up to thirty-one days of vacation after twenty years of service.
  • 2% longevity pay increase for each three years of service up to a maximum of fourteen percent.
  • Enforce all Indiana criminal laws and local ordinances.
  • Engage in preventive patrol to prevent criminal, traffic and ordinance violations and increase public safety.
  • Follow all orders emanating from superior officers.
  • Interact with the citizens in a positive, proactive manner to find solutions to problems in our community.
  • Respond to and document complaints that are criminal and civil in nature.
  • Respond to and investigate crimes and traffic accidents that occur within the City of La Porte.