Is there a bus in La Porte, Indiana?
TransPorte is the City of La Porte's public transportation system. It is a demand-response system serving the city of La Porte. Think of us as a fixed rate, shared ride, taxi service. Call for a ride -- we will pick you up at the curb, and take you to your destination anywhere in our service area for one low price.

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1. Is there a bus in La Porte, Indiana?
2. How do I get a ride?
3. How much does it cost?
4. Do I have to be a senior citizen or disabled to use TransPorte?
5. Is TransPorte a medical provider?
6. How do I get to Michigan City? or Purdue Northwest?
7. Is there any other option for transportation in the county?
8. When does TransPorte run?
9. Does TransPorte run on holidays?
10. What if there is severe weather?