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  1. Lets create a special district downtown in a rundown area. Business that invest in this area can be given special perks, like a discounted liquor license.

    Subsidized or discounted liquor licenses would allow the business owners to invest more in their businesses. A program like this would also help revitalize an area with a high level of...

    Feb 4, 2016 by Drew (17 points)

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  2. Business owners, innovators, entrepreneurs- join our team!

    Lets move the conversation to a more mobile friendly platform- Slack. This is what all the tech elites are using these days (Elon Musk, NASA, MMM, etc) Everyone will be able to access the page, share...

    Feb 27, 2018 by Drew (17 points)

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  3. Wine to Food Benefit

    Hold an informal happy hour networking event where all proceeds and tips will go towards the charity of choice. Wine provided by host.

    Jul 8, 2015 by Stephanie Salinas (5 points)

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