Helpful Hotlines

The City of La Porte claims no ownership nor has the ability to routinely update this information, but is happy to share it in the hopes that it helps veterans. It was compiled in May, 2014. 

GI Rights Hotline
Phone:  (877) 447-4487
Information:  Provides information on military regulations and practices.

Military Crisis Line
Phone:  (800) 273-8255
Information:  Provides help to military service men and women in crisis.

National Call Center for Homeless Veterans
Phone: (877) 424-3838
Information:  Provides assistance to homeless veterans.

VA Caregiver Support Line
Phone:  (855) 260-3274
Information:  Offers support to caregivers.

Safe Helpline
(877) 995-5247
Information:  A helpline for military victims of sexual assault.