Sustainable Infrastructure

In order to continue to build toward a prosperous economic environment, the city must concurrently strive to establish and maintain a sustainable infrastructure base. Our streets must be passable, our sidewalks safe, our fire and police protection sound, and our utility services satisfactory.

All of these elements require not only an operational budget, but investment in capital projects. La Porte has faced unique cash flow challenges over the past five years due to the county property tax dispute, often requiring delaying capital projects.
We have a long way to go to address all of the capital projects that will need to be pursued, but we will keep prioritizing and addressing those projects as we are able. Currently, here are the projects that are underway:
  • Installation of water and sewer to the La Porte County Fairgrounds and along Zigler Road (Partnership with La Porte County)
Water & Sewer Installation Purpose
This project will expand the water and sewer capabilities (and make for a much more pleasant visit to the fairgrounds) west of town to serve the fairgrounds and the upcoming County Correctional Department facility along Zigler Road.
Water and Sewer Line Installation
The added water line will increase the pressure of water throughout that loop, enhancing fire protection capability and hopefully improving the city’s ISO rating, which can decrease homeowner’s insurance costs.