Site Review

The purpose of the Site Review Committee (SRC) is to review site plans for new and change-of-use developments within the City to ensure compliance with all appropriate codes and permitting requirements. All developments must meet with the SRC prior to beginning work.

Developers will have the opportunity to meet with, review and discuss development plans with City officials and will leave the meeting with a list of issues to be resolved for the project.

City Hall

Site Review Committee convenes every Tuesday in the conference room at the Parks & Recreation Office located at 250 Pine Lake Ave. Presentations to the Committee are scheduled for 1/2 hour. When applicable, two (2) large sets and eight (8) small sets of plans must be submitted ONE (1) WEEK prior to the scheduled date of the presentation or it will be removed from the schedule. Plans are to be submitted to the Department of Engineering and Building Services at 801 Michigan Avenue.

All City Departments are represented. All regional utility and service companies are invited. All presentations are subject to the Open Door Law (IC 5-14-1.5) allowing media and public to attend. Please contact Lisa Biddle at (219) 362-2327 for scheduling information or should you have any questions, concerns or comments.