City Services

  1. Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

  2. Fire

    Access information about the Fire Department and the services they provide.

  3. License Services

    Get information about obtaining licenses for driving, hunting, boating, and more.

  4. Local Services

    United Way 2-1-1 is the bridge between you and the answers you need to find local services, from general community information to counseling, food, clothing, after-school programs, shelter, legal and financial assistance, and much more.

  5. Park and Recreation

    We have Parks! And we play in them! Take a look at all we have to offer!

  6. Police Programs & Policing

    Browse through the different programs and policies associated with the police.

  7. Police

    Learn about the public safety services provided by the Police Department.

  8. Sewer, Stormwater, Wastewater

    Learn about the city's efforts in dealing with wastewater and stormwater.

  9. Transportation

    Gather details about the TransPorte Program active in the community.

  10. Utilities

    Peruse information about the utilities in the community.

  11. Veteran Services

    Browse through the available veteran services.

  12. Volunteer Services

    Get information about volunteering in the community.

  13. Water Service

    Learn about the water service of La Porte, how to setup a service, and how to terminate.

  14. Youth Services

    Read about the services that youths can provide to the community.