Handgun Permits

The issuance of handgun permits is governed by the State of Indiana Firearms Act under Indiana Code IC 35-47-1. The La Porte Police Department strictly follows the State of Indiana Firearms Act when processing all handgun permit applications. Indiana handgun permit applications will be processed from 8 a.m. through 3 p.m. on Thursdays only.

The La Porte Police Department is now accepting only online handgun license applications that have been filed through the State of Indiana's online application process.

The Indiana State Police does not accept paper applications any longer and the La Porte Police Department cannot assist you in filling out the online application. Fingerprints must have been taken through Inkless Fingerprinting prior to the applicant coming to the La Porte Police Department to complete the application process.

Duplicate Handgun Permits
The La Porte city police cannot assist you in any way in getting a duplicate handgun permit.

The only way to obtain a duplicate handgun permit is to send a letter to the Indiana State Police containing your full name, your date of birth, current address, the reason for the request for a duplicate permit, and a $5 money order made out to the State of Indiana to the following address:
Indiana State Police
Firearms Section
Indiana Government Center North
100 N. Senate Ave.
Indianapolis, IN 46204