In an effort to make it as convenient as possible for citizens to bring problems in their neighborhoods to the attention of the La Porte Police Department, we are in the process of creating a series of interactive forms that will allow you to report problems anonymously if you wish.

We strongly encourage you to report any problems in your neighborhood by using these forms and/or calling the Police Department at 219-362-9446 because we cannot help you if we do not know the problem exists.

Please note that all crimes in progress and other emergency situations should be reported immediately by telephone by dialing 911.

Available Forms

  • Crime Tips Form - Report any information that you have regarding possible criminal activity to the La Porte Police Department. This form may be used to report chronic problems of a minor nature, more serious situations such as drug dealing and other similar problems or may even be used to give information that will help us to solve past crimes.
  • Traffic Complaint Form - Report any chronic traffic safety problems in your neighborhood. Problems that should be reported using this form include: 
    • Chronic speeding problems during certain hours of the day
    • Problems with motorists chronically running a particular stop sign
    • Other similar problems
  • Alarm Registration Form - If you have an alarm in your home or business, and this alarm alerts our agency directly or through the county Police Department, 911 center, or through a private monitoring agency, which in turn contacts our department to respond, the alarm must be registered with the City of La Porte.