Brief History
The La Porte Police Department was founded as a metropolitan police department in 1910.

In 1930, the La Porte Police Department's affiliation with Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) La Porte Lodge #54 began with all 15 officers on the department at the time becoming FOP members. The FOP purchased the department's first police radio in 1937.
In the 1940's, with the building of the Kingsbury Ordinance Plant five miles south of town and the resultant influx of  people, which forced the department to expand, the La Porte Police Department was considered to be one of the premier police departments in the country.

Staff & Equipment
The La Porte Police Department is dispatched by the La Porte County Emergency 911 Center.
The La Porte Police Department currently has an authorized strength of:
  • 43 sworn officers
  • Highly computerized information systems
  • Modern radio system
  • Six civilian support staff members
  • Take home squad car program