La Porte, Indiana was first settled in 1830 and takes its name from the French phrase for "The Door."
The City of La Porte is located in La Porte County, the second largest county from a geographic standpoint in the State of Indiana.
La Porte is governed by an elected Mayor and seven member City Council.
La Porte has a very active Chamber of Commerce and a strong economic development program.
La Porte is currently seeing some substantial infrastructure improvements in terms of transportation projects. 
La Porte's nickname is "The Maple City."
La Porte has a total area of 12.2 square miles of area, of which 0.7 square miles is water, and it has over 150 miles of streets..
The population of La Porte in the 2010 census was 22,053.
La Porte has four major highways; US 35, Indiana 2, Indiana 39 and Indiana 4 going through it and is located in close proximity to Interstate 80/90 and Interstate 94.
La Porte is only a one hour drive from the Chicago Loop and in within a one day drive of half the population in the country.
Norfolk and Southern's main railroad line between Philadelphia and Chicago runs through La Porte as does a branch line of the Chicago, South Shore and South Bend freight railroad.

Department Background Information
The La Porte Police Department was founded as a metropolitan police department in 1910.
In 1930, the La Porte Police Department's affiliation with Fraternal Order of Police La Porte Lodge #54 began with all 15 officers on the department at the time becoming FOP members.
The Fraternal Order of Police purchased the department's first police radio in 1937.
In the 1940's, with the building of the Kingsbury Ordinance Plant five miles south of town and the resultant influx of  people which forced the department to expand; the La Porte Police Department was considered to be one of premier police departments in the country.
The La Porte Police Department currently has an authorized strength of 43 sworn officers; a civilian support staff of six people; a take home squad car program; highly computerized information systems and of course, a modern radio system.
The La Porte Police Department is dispatched by the La Porte County Emergency 911 Center. 

Website Goals
To give the web site visitor an overview of the La Porte Police Department, its personnel and equipment and the service it provides to the community.
To provide people that are thinking about moving to our community with information regarding the excellent police service the La Porte Police Department provides to this community.