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Project Updates

2016 Street Resurfacing / Improvement Project

The City of La Porte Engineering Department would like to announce the commencement of the City’s 2016 Street Resurfacing/Improvement Project. A contract in the amount of approximate 2.1 million dollars was awarded to Rieth-Riley Construction Co., Inc. of La Porte, with an additional contract for pavement preservation awarded to Pavement Solutions, Inc. in the amount of $96,000. Rieth-Riley plans to begin surface milling and paving immediately and anticipates substantial completion of paving by the end of the 2016 construction season.

A map of streets planned for improvements can be found below.

Following the 2015 Paving Program an inventory of all City Streets was completed using the PASER rating system, this inventory was used to develop an asset management system that helps prioritize paving projects. The City’s 2016 Street Resurfacing/Improvement Project is the first year implementing this new system. Information regarding the development of the City’s Pavement Management System can be found under the “Street Paving” link to the left.

The first two years of this system focus on improvements to streets classified as Arterials or Collectors, with less work to be completed on streets classified as Local. Additionally, the new asset management system does not follow a “Worst First” system of project selection, but focuses on pavement preservation (keeping “good” pavement “good” longer).

Any question regarding the City’s 2016 Street Resurfacing/Improvement Project can be directed to the City Engineer, Nicholas Minich, at 219.362.2327 or by email at


Upcoming Street Paving Projects:

Toronto – Warsaw to Cable

Factory – Boston to Darrow

18th Street – Andrew Avenue to “I” Street

Boyd Blvd. – US 35 to Monroe Street

Allen – All

East Jefferson – All

Lawrence – E. Jefferson to North

"I" Street (Surface)

*** Please note that the City’s Paving Project Contractor is responsible to notify property owners of construction 24-hours prior to beginning construction activities. Any concerns regarding parking or access can be directed to either the City Engineer’s office at 219-362-2327 or Rieth-Riley Construction at 219-362-6178.

"I" Street (9/22/2016):
“I” Street between 1st and 10th Streets is programmed for full-depth pavement removal and re-paving. To date the street has been milled (approximately 4”) and the binder course has been applied (2.5” of asphalt binder typical). After the street was milled and binder was placed several soft spots developed; these areas will be repaired prior to placement of surface. Additional curb ramp improvements will also be completed prior to finishing the surface. It is anticipated that this project will be completed within the next 2-4 weeks.

City of La Porte_2016 Paving Map

Department Services

Services include:
  • Complete designs of small projects, including plans and specifications
  • Complete inspections of building projects
  • Coordinate major projects with citizens, staff, and architects / engineers
  • Monitor flood plain compliance
  • Review data and evaluate citizen projects for code / zoning compliance
  • Review data and issue building permits

The Building Department is responsible for the issuance of building permits and performing required inspections of construction projects within the city limits of La Porte.

Our purpose is to enforce the standards set forth by the Indiana Building and Fire Codes and local ordinances that provide minimum requirements to safeguard the public's safety, health, and general welfare.

The Building Department issues and oversees contractor registration. Contractors and their sub contractors working within the city limits of La Porte are to be registered and bonded per local ordinance.

For a link to the codes, standards, and other rules set forth by the state of Indiana, click here.