Fun Facts About La Porte
  • La Porte, Indiana was first settled in 1830 and takes its name from the French phrase for "The Door."
  • The City of La Porte is located in La Porte County, the second largest county from a geographic standpoint in the State of Indiana.
  • La Porte is governed by an elected mayor and seven member City Council.
  • La Porte has a very active Chamber of Commerce and a strong economic development program.
  • La Porte is currently seeing some substantial infrastructure improvements in terms of transportation projects. 
  • La Porte's nickname is "The Maple City."
  • La Porte has a total area of 12.2 square miles of area, of which 0.7 square miles is water, and it has over 150 miles of streets.
  • The population of La Porte in the 2010 census was 22,053.
  • La Porte has four major highways; U.S. 35, Indiana 2, Indiana 39, and Indiana 4 going through it and is located in close proximity to Interstate 80/90 and Interstate 94.
  • La Porte is only a one hour drive from the Chicago Loop and is within a one day drive of half the population in the country.
  • Norfolk and Southern's main railroad line between Philadelphia and Chicago runs through La Porte as does a branch line of the Chicago, South Shore, and South Bend freight railroad.